Charity of Festival

Legacy Leisure who manage the Magnet Leisure Centre.

CAMRA and Legacy Leisure are running this beer festival as a joint venture and will share the surplus 50:50.

Legacy Leisure's Mission Statement.

Legacy Leisure is a not for profit charitable organisation committed to providing a diverse and meaningful range of leisure and culture related activities for the local communities in which we serve.

Established to support a national legacy following the Olympics, Legacy Leisure seeks to educate, inspire and support physical activity, to enhance the lives of our patrons and enable long term positive lifestyle changes. Legacy Leisure is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of our patrons, and aims to offer a diverse range of physical and cultural activities that will engage and invigorate communities, be it through sport, the arts or other activities.

We will continually seek to provide new opportunities for participation, recreation and leisure and will create development pathways for each individual to achieve their full potential.

As a socially responsible charity, Legacy Leisure is proud to offer a sustainable and environmentally considerate approach to the management of our leisure venues. We will manage the day to day operation of each facility in an ethical and responsible way, to ensure each patron has the opportunity to access activities regardless of their race, sex, age, religion, and financial circumstances, physical or mental ability.

As a Charity, Legacy Leisure will reinvest any surplus funds generated back into the facilities for developments and improvements, and will make grants available to individuals on application for community based activities that will improve quality of life, or assist with the attainment of personal goals in sport and leisure.